How do we introduce kids to programming while having fun at the same time? By building games and animations using basic computer software programming concepts to kids.

For younger children, mainly primary school children, we introduce them to online gaming programming using blocks. Online platforms such as scratch, Hour of Code provide visual programming language using blocks, which simulate programming constructs, to create online projects.

For children that are primarily in secondary school, with a basic fundamental understanding of basic mathematics, we delve into programming languages such as JavaScript, Java, Python, etc. Online platforms such as Code Combat helps by providing gaming scenarios that children have to solve by writing real lines of programming code. This helps them to also learn basic programming language constructs while earning gaming points and reputation the further they progress in the game.

We further introduce the kids the basic programming language constructs of popular programming languages of today:

  • Java
  • HTML and CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • PHP