Cape Town

27 April 2019 – Devoxx4Kids Cape Town

Cape Town, this is for you! On the 27th April 2019, we will be hosting our very first Devoxx4Kids event in your city, all thanks to CodeBridge Cape Town for hosting this event for us.

In this event, your child(ren) will have fun learning the basics of programming by creating their own game. We also try and make them understand the importance of Maths and science literacy and how they are the prerequisites to creating simple game logic and rules. This is a FREE (yes, FREE!!!) event.

Since the activity is about basic game programming, children must have the basic mathematics literacy (so we take children from the age of 08 – 17 years).

Registration is FREE and you can click here to register your child to attend this free event and get all the event details for this event.

See you there!

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